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The Billy Bob Secret... To: LIFE (Introduction)


The Billy Bob Secret... To: LIFE


     I’ve been different my entire life. From birth, through my childhood, my teens and today, I have followed a different path. I just don’t look at life the same way others do…
     The companies I’ve built are different. My business models are different. The way I look, judge and interact with people is very different. My mind just processes and stores data differently than other people. After writing this
book I now understand there is something complex, in the simple way I think. I didn’t understand just how different I was until (with the guidance and persistence of my mother) I started writing this book (more than a decade ago).
      Growing up dirt poor in a log cabin was an incredible upbringing. Even though I’m quite positive, not very many of you, would have traded places with me! I’m sure you will find my stories very interesting (and entertaining).
      I’ve always been a very driven person, always known what I wanted, and was willing to work hard for it. I hope that by reading about all my trials in life and business, you can learn from my accomplishments and mistakes.
      I wanted the cover of the book to be funny and eye catching. My stories inside the book are very different to the feel of the book. I think the stranger who stumbles upon this book won’t know what to expect. My life and my book is
fun and full of surprises. As funny as it sounds, thinking up the title for this book was very challenging. The first title I thought up in 1998 was “The Life of a Crooked Tooth Salesman”…it made my Mom laugh.
      You will see into my thought process as you travel through the chapters. I view everything in life from many different levels. Some people may not notice and see this simply as “Repetition.” However if you look deeper, (as I do) you will see there are other hidden facets.
      Is this book just about an entrepreneur who made millions of dollars selling millions of stupid Billy-Bob teeth? Is this just another RAGS TO RICHES story, or is there more to it than that?
      So much of life (I feel) is just decisions. Are you living your life, or just going through the motions? You decide…
I hope you enjoy my book. This is my story.


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