Big Ol' Hairy Feet


Our Friends

This is a list of some of the great people that have helped us achieve different projects within the Billy Bob organization over the last year.


Carl Johnson

Our Main Man When It Comes To Anything Video Related

Carl JohnsonOur good friend Carl believes that telling a good story is the key to captivating an audience – and we think he’s right! He produces, shoots, and edits television commercials, commercial videos, music videos, and TV shows. Carl has worked extensively with law enforcement on shows Carl Johnson like Speeders, Over the Limit, and Southern Fried Stings filming things like high-speed pursuits and chasing after bank robbers on foot. With more than a decade of experience in television and film, Carl is using that experience to develop exciting new television properties.

Contact Info: flickerticket@gmail.com





John Paul Vincent Chan

Possibly One Of The Most Skilled Artists On The Planet

JP Chan is our cartoonist from John Paul Vincent Chanthe far east. Our national sales rep highly recommended JP when we started talking about adding cartoons to our brand image. In fact all comic looking characters featured on www.BillyBobProducts.com were drawn by this man with fantastic creative abilities. You can find out more about JP Chan at his Facebook Page by visiting this URL: http://www.facebook.com/TheANGRYFilipino 



Jeff "Vizzy Viz" Breyer

A Rockstar In The Craft Of Video Shorts

Jeff Breyer "Vizzy Viz"Jeff "Vizzy Viz" Breyer is a man with a lot of character..., or did I mean a man that plays a lot of characters...lol

I assure you that this man puts Eddie Murphy to shame. Viz has many talents including, but not limited to, writing,directing, editing, and can act in his own original material. You can find Viz's videos all over www.billybobproducts.com

"When scouring YouTube for premade videos of people wearing our Billy Bob Teeth, Viz won with most talent, hands down." ~Dustin Sievers, Head of eCommerce.

Some of Viz's characters include Ricky, our Redneck favorite, Dick Dillo, used car salesman, and in his most recent video, the most convincing gay man I have ever seen on film. You know Viz gets the ladys so this proves how great his acting can be.

To see more of Jeff "Viz" Breyer, you can visit his website at www.visualcandi.com, his Facebook, and his YouTube page where you can find all of his hilarious short skits.